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The house is located in the capital of the island, Mandraki. In the oldest neighborhood of Nisyros the ‘’Lagadi’’.
The ‘’Lagadi’’ is the oldest neighborhood of the island that was created in the 19th century in Nisyros, when pirates dominated the Aegean.
The neighborhood is hidden under the mountain (Molivi).
In this way they tricked the pirates into thinking that the island only had houses in the harbor and looted only the houses near the sea.
In this way the houses remained the same over time.

The construction of the house

The building that houses the ‘’Patriko’’ was built in 1810 by local craftsmen. The trademark of the house is the red stairs at the entrance, where at first they were painted with the burgundy color found in the shells of the island.

Purple is a natural pigment with an indelible deep red color, which has been known since ancient times as a “royal” dye.
It was a particularly valuable dye because of the difficulty of preparation and the rarity of the shells from which it is produced, so the use of clothes dyed purple was from classical antiquity a sign of wealth and power. Thus, with the purple color, among others, certain clothes of kings and emperors were dyed.

The Restoration 2019

The building where the ‘’Patriko” is housed was completely reconstructed from 2019 to 2021 in order, with respect to tradition, to host guests in a modern and luxurious space.


The accommodation

Patriko Nisyrian Guest House offers 2 luxurious rooms in which the visitor discovers both the Nisyrian hospitality and the quality of the stay!
A stone house with volcanic stones inside the walls. Luxury and tradition can and do go hand in hand here as we have preserved the local architecture and combined it with modern comforts and all the necessary amenities.

sleeping area

With special emphasis on the sleeping area

All rooms have been equipped with anatomical mattresses suitable for each guest, which will help in a more restful and luxurious stay.
In our place you will find appliances for preparing breakfast


Our rooms offer amenities that ensure you a pleasant and comfortable stay.
Each room is designed to be able to meet any kind of need, hypoallergenic sheets and pillows filled with bamboo. Free Wi-Fi and satellite TV are also provided. You can also enjoy free coffee, with the machine provided, throughout your stay. Our Premium room has a private balcony overlooking the street.
In each room you will find towels for your bathroom of all sizes that will offer you moments of relaxation and tranquility during your stay and of course Greek care products that we have selected ourselves for your personal care.


Sleeping rooms

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